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Why you need a Business Attorney and what are their areas of practice?

Starting a business and running that venture is complex as it is filled with rules and compliances. Therefore, it is always helpful to have a business attorney by your side who has the experience and who can advise/guide you. Fort Lauderdale Business Attorney represents you throughout your litigation until it is finally resolved and also provides competent and passionate legal representation whenever necessary.

The need for a business attorney

  • Best outcome: An experienced business attorney can provide you compassionate and experienced legal advice as well as a robust defense of your rights. The business attorney will fight for your rights and will ensure that you get the best outcome for your case.

  • Understanding business laws: Laws can be confusing and can have consequences if understood wrong. Therefore a business attorney can help you understand different business laws and will ensure that you are protected from all the consequences.

  • Legal documentation: Business attorney is important as every business deals with legal documents such as partnership agreements, client contracts and many more.

  • Dealing lawsuit: Any business can face a lawsuit from several sources such as from employees, clients or public, etc. In such case hiring a Fort Lauderdale Business Attorney is a must, as it will ensure that you face the minimum damage.

Areas of practice

Fort Lauderdale Business Attorney has experience in different types of business disputes in both the state and federal courts. Business attorney practices in the following areas of disputes:

  • Contract and warranty disputes

  • Shareholder, partnership, and joint venture disputes

  • Fraud and defamation

  • Deceptive and unfair trade practices

  • Commercial real estate disputes

  • Commercial insurance disputes

  • Labor and employment-related disputes

  • Unpaid wages

  • Enforcement of non-competition agreements

  • Enforcement of non-solicitation agreements

  • Intellectual property litigation

  • Trademark disputes

  • Unfair competition

  • Construction litigation

  • Appeals and many more

A business attorney can help you throughout your matter, whether drafting a lawsuit, preparing or representing you in a non-jury or jury trial, or fielding a phone call.

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