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Visit the Best Steak Restaurant in London

It’s really not that difficult to spot a good steak restaurant in London. There are several of those all across the city, each offering a splendid choice on its own to you. Yet, you may want to experience some type that is different and memorable at the same time. If that’s what you want, it’s time you pay a visit to Heliot Steak House. Located right within Hippodrome, this restaurant serves a fantastic range of cuisines all day long. You can also ask for house specials and get treated with some of the finest delicacies you may have never tasted before.

What else’s there at Hippodrome

Heliot Steak House is undoubtedly one of the jewels of Hippodrome. But there are many other attractions around here as well. These include:

• An in-house theatre that showcases a fine range of performances almost every day.
• A range of restaurants and bars that serve wonderful treats to all the visitors
• Traditional casino games that can be played both in-house as well as online
• Casino slot machines and other games that are just as enticing as everything else
• Dedicated sitting areas and smoking terrace to let you have your personal time your way
• And more!

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